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The aim of introducing knowledge management with the help of XWiki is to bundle centralized management of knowledge modules and content in an application by means of suitable digital support options, which can be further developed jointly by means of comments, annotations and knowledge management-supporting functions. Existing responsibilities for processes, products and projects are used to enforce a responsibility for the mapping of content. The following functions form the core of the knowledge management supporting functions:

- Very easy to use
- Easy creation and editing of content
- Good and customizable search function for areas or entire wikis
- Article history without expiration date
- Notifications about new content or updates
- Extendable by apps (blog, forum, etc.)
- Comment function


The fields of work of the Johanneswerk are diverse. Our support services are aimed at the elderly, the sick and the dying, as well as young people and families. They offer help in the event of disability, illness or crisis. They take place in residential facilities, at home, in workshops or wherever they are needed. We also offer professional services to industrial and business customers in various sectors.

With over 70 facilities and numerous services, schools, factories and subsidiaries at more than 30 locations throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, Johanneswerk is one of the largest diaconal organizations in Germany.


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