Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.4

Main changes since XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.3

  • As usual the main news is on XE side
  • Some UI improvements on information panels

Common Migration notes

See XWiki Enterprise 1.6.1 Common Migration notes

Known issues

Detailed changes changes since XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.3

Release Notes - XWiki Enterprise - Version 1.6.1

See Release Notes XWiki Enterprise16 and Release Notes XWiki Enterprise161.

Release Notes - XWiki Application Manager - Version 1.5

Release Notes - XWiki Wiki Manager - Version 1.5


  • XAWM-88 - WikiManager plugin doesn't works in sub wikis.
  • XAWM-89 - Can't create wiki when database already exists

  • XAWM-87 - Improve panels UI
Created by Thomas Mortagne on 2008/10/17

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