Jun 26 2008

code_swarm is "An experiment in organic software visualization" that shows the history of commits in a software repository. More details on how the processing is done is available on the code_swarm homepage

Hereunder is the result of running code_swarm against last four years and a half of our SVN repository. The repository contains the XWiki Platform of course, but also our products : XWiki Enterprise, XWiki Enterprise Manager, XWiki Watch and XWiki Workspaces ; the curriki project, and various side/incubating projects in the sandbox.

Music is "Funny Stones" by Northbound, under the by-nc-nd 2.5 Creative Commons license 

It's very nice to see the history of the project taking a visual shape. We see that back in 2004, and for the first year, Ludovic has been on his own developing the initial code (while setting up the business, too!), and that after this period, the number of active committers is growing pretty fast. 

More code_swarm fun here (including very big projects, such as eclipse or python).

Original post here.


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