Version 1.2 by Guillaume Fenollar on 2012/01/19

Since XWiki 3.3, it's possible to download and install automatically XWiki and every component needed for a production instance in a one shot, with the help of our new .deb packages, into our repository.

This method must work on every debian-based linux distribution. Feel free to use the Mailing List to report an issue, or discuss about it.

First Step : APT Configuration

First, you have to configure your package manager in order to use xwiki's repository. This can done simply, using this command:

sudo echo "deb stable/" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

Now you can update the packages database to read the data from this repository.
sudo apt-get update

I'll assume you're using APT tools. You can use Aptitude as well.

Now you can make a little search to see what this repo offers.

apt-cache search xwiki

It shows the following packages:

  • xwiki-enterprise-common - XWiki enterprise common package
  • xwiki-enterprise-tomcat-mysql - XWiki enterprise Tomcat/MySQL based package
  • xwiki-enterprise-tomcat-pgsql - XWiki enterprise Tomcat/PostgreSQL

Second Step : Complete Installation

Using MySQL

As you may now, you only have to run this command to install all the interesting components.
apt-get install xwiki-enterprise-tomcat-mysql

This virtual package depends on xwiki-enterprise-common, mysql-server, tomcat6 and libmysql-java.

During the installation, you may have some questions from dbconfig, in charge of the configuration of the database.


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