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1 XWiki provides a powerful and granular permission system allowing you to control precisely what [[user and groups>>platform:Features.UsersAndGroupsManagement]] can do in the wiki.
3 It offers various rights that can be set (or denied), such as the "View" right (ability to view pages), "Edit" right (ability to edit page content), "Delete" right (ability to delete pages) or "Administer" right (ability to administer pages or the wiki), just to name a few. These rights can be set at different levels: for the whole wiki or for a given space and its children.
5 If needed, it's even possible to write some [[script>>platform:DevGuide.Scripting]] to control programmatically exactly what users are allowed to do.
7 //Example of the rights UI//
8 {{image reference="GroupRights.PNG"/}}
10 To learn how to set up permissions, check the [[Rights documentation in the Admin Guide>>platform:AdminGuide.Access Rights]].

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