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5 Welcome to the XWiki "Get Started" page. This guide provides basic information on how to set up and use XWiki. Start by learning more about [[wikis>>Documentation.UserGuide.GettingStarted.WhatIsAWiki]].
7 XWiki's use cases are diverse: collaborative intranet, knowledge base, CMS, competitive intelligence, public debate, collaborative creation of school courses, web site creation, etc. Read more on [[what wikis can be used for>>Documentation.UserGuide.GettingStarted.WhatCanAWikiBeUsedFor]], [[what makes XWiki special>>Documentation.UserGuide.GettingStarted.WhatsSpecialAboutXWiki.WebHome]] and a [[second generation wiki>>platform:Main.SecondGenerationWiki]].
9 You can visit the [[references page>>xwiki:References.WebHome]] to see a list of varied projects based on XWiki. You can add your own project to the same page by filling in a short form. You can also go to the [[XWiki project homepage>>xwiki:Main.WebHome]] to see some of the companies that use XWiki or check out the [[testimonials page>>Main.Feedback.Testimonials]] to view what our users have to say.
11 = Basic information =
13 The first thing you want to do is [[download>>xwiki:Download.WebHome]] and [[install XWiki>>platform:AdminGuide.Installation]]. For first time XWiki users and for users who wish to quickly try out XWiki we recommend installing the [[standalone distribution>>platform:AdminGuide.InstallationStandalone]]. You can also [[try it online>>doc:Hosted.WebHome]] if you're not looking to install XWiki from scratch.
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19 Then, as you log in to your wiki, the first thing you see is the wiki homepage.
21 [[image:1.png||class="image-label"]] XWiki is divided into Wikis and Pages. Inside a wiki, you can create a hierarchy of pages, by creating pages inside other pages. This feature is called [[Nested Pages>>platform:Features.ContentOrganization]]. From this area you can [[add new pages>>platform:Features.DocumentLifecycle]] by clicking the "Create" button.
23 [[image:2.png||class="image-label"]] Whenever you want to [[modify a page>>platform:Features.PageEditing]], click on the "Edit" button, make your changes and save the page. The modified page now replaces the previous version. Each version of the page is stored in the [[page history>>platform:Features.VersionControl]] and can be reverted to, if needed. More page actions, such as Administer, Copy, Rename, Delete, Export, are also available from the last two menus on the right.
25 [[image:3.png||class="image-label"]] From the upper right corner you may click on your [[profile>>extensions:Extension.User Profile Application]], or the notifications menu.
27 [[image:4.png||class="image-label"]] By expanding the drawer menu on the right you can log in, register, access you profile or go to the [[wiki administration>>extensions:Extension.Administration Application]]. You can also access the wiki, page or user [[indexes>>extensions:Extension.Index Application]], as well as add a new wiki.
29 [[image:5.png||class="image-label"]] You can easily edit/modify the content of the first page to replace it with your own content.
31 [[image:6.png||class="image-label"]] Lateral menus are handled using panels. A [[panel>>Documentation.UserGuide.GettingStarted.ChangingTheLogoAndThePanels]] is a widget you can see on the left and/or right of every page of your wiki in the standard version of XWiki. By default you will see a small sized Applications and Navigation panels on the left and medium sized panels on the right.
33 [[image:7.png||class="image-label"]] The tabbed area at the bottom of the page features by default [[comments>>platform:Features.DocumentLifecycle||anchor="HComments"]], [[attachments>>platform:Features.Attachments]], [[page history>>platform:Features.VersionControl]] and page information.
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54 You can check the [[complete list of features>>Documentation.UserGuide.Features.WebHome]]. You can also [[get started with the first steps>>FirstStepsWithXWiki]] or skip directly to [[more advanced topics>>GoingFurther]].
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57 If you need more help with your wiki or you'd like to get in touch with the community please visit the [[support page>>xwiki:Main.Support]]. There you'll find more information on:
59 * [[Community support>>xwiki:Main.Support||anchor="HCommunitySupport"]]
60 * [[Professional support>>xwiki:Main.Support||anchor="HProfessionalSupport"]]
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