How to control order of tabs at bottom of pages?

Version 3.1 by Vincent Massol on 2015/10/01

You can control tabs and their order by setting the docextra Velocity variable.

To control at the page level, put the following in a page:

#set ($docextras = [])
#set ($discard = $docextras.add(['Comments', 'comments', $msg.get('docextra.comments'), $doc.getObjects('XWiki.XWikiComments').size(), 'commentsinline.vm', $msg.get('core.shortcuts.view.comments')]))
#set ($discard = $docextras.add(['Attachments', 'attachments', $msg.get('docextra.attachments'), $doc.getAttachmentList().size(), "attachmentsinline.vm$!{sortAttachmentsBy}", $msg.get('core.shortcuts.view.attachments')]))
#set ($discard = $docextras.add(['History', 'history', $msg.get('docextra.history'), -1, 'historyinline.vm', $msg.get('core.shortcuts.view.history')]))
#set ($discard = $docextras.add(['Information', 'information', $msg.get('docextra.information'), -1, 'informationinline.vm', $msg.get('core.shortcuts.view.information')]))

If you wish to have all pages use the same tabs, you can set this variable in layoutExtraVars.vm too.


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