How to hide the last modified information when viewing pages?

Last modified by Mauri Simon on 2020/01/28

If you want to hide just the Last modified by... part, then edit templates/shortcuts.vm and comment out (using ##) the following lines:

  <div id="document-info">
##    <div class="xdocLastModification"> ## Last modification
##      $msg.get('core.footer.modification', [$xwiki.getUserName($, $xwiki.formatDate($])
##    </div>

If you want to hide both the version information and the shortcuts to comments, attachment and the others, then edit templates/layoutExtraVars.vm and add the following line at the end of the file (make sure it's outside the comment block delimited by #* and *#):

#set ($displayShortcuts = false)

However, it is not recommended to modify the templates on the filesystem, since this makes upgrades harder. The recommended way of overriding a template is to create and activate a custom skin and attach the modified files to it.

You can set this $displayShortcuts variable in a document, to hide this information just for that document. To do this, add #set ($displayShortcuts = false) in a {{velocity}} macro.


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