Last modified by SunJin on 2010/01/19

Question How do I increase the length of attachment filename from 25 characters?

Filenames for attachments appear to be set to 25 characters. If you have a filename with more than 25 characters then a "~.jpg" (or whatever extension) appears at the end.

To increase this length:

To do this you can increase the variable "maxnamelength" in the macro "packName" which is within the file " macros.vm"

This appears to work fine, but this comment was added on the mailing list when I asked:

I should say that I also received this reply - which I haven't actioned!

Actually you shouldn't change macros.vm. Instead, you should override attachmentsinline.vm and redefine this variable in there. More specifically, copy attachmentsinline.vm from templates/ to your skin folder, and add at the start of it:

Or, just remove the call to packName from the file, just use $attach.filename


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