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Question Is there a way to get Xwiki 1.0.x working with an oracle database?

It doesn't seem to be as easy, as one might expect - due to the hibernate persistence layer.

I haven't a working solution now, below you'll find the steps to get at least a connection and a db-schema :-/

The main changes are related to the hibernate relation mapping. The xwiki mapping contains "string" types with a size of > 4k. hibernate stores these as "long" (oracle long), this is not appropriate. I've changed "string" to "text" (where size > 4k)

(See attached files)

modify the hibernate configuration path in xwiki.cfg:

modify the file (attached) to enter the right connection data.

create a directory .../xwiki/WEB-INF/classes put the attached file xwiki-oracle.hbm.xml there.

Put the odbc-drivers (ojdbc14.jar) into ../xwiki/WEB-INF/lib

If you start xwiki now, you should get a connection, the db-schema should get created. I'm getting the following error while accessing xwiki:

ERROR P1-19 org.hibernate.util.JDBCExceptionReporter - ORA-01400: Einfügen von NULL in ("WIKI"."XWIKIDOC"."XWD_TITLE") nicht möglich

I've tried to change all the not-null columns to null (as it is easier than to change the contraint to deferrable & deferred), but it does not help.

At this point, some debugging seems to be necessary...

An article of interest might be


Get Connected