What are known issues with firefox add-ons?

Last modified by Clément Aubin on 2018/04/20

Here a list of some issues with firefox add-ons and the way to fix it.

uBlock origin on Firefox


Ctrl+G xwiki shortcut to go on a page doesn't work anymore
See: https://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-15195 (KeypressJS blocked by UBlockOrigin Firefox adblocker addon)

Tested on:

  • xwiki 9.11.4
    • uBlock 1.15
      • firefox ESR 52.7.3
      • firefox 58.0.2
      • firefox 59

how to fix it

set uBlock to Off or add xwiki web site in the uBlock whitelist

Problem resolved as of XWiki 10.3 and XWiki 9.11.5

uBlock origin on Firefox ESR


To reproduce on Firefox Extended Support Release: edit a page in WYSIWYG mode/deploy breadcrumb tree/click on a page of treeview: URL in FF adress bar is correct but the new target page is not displayed.
This issue is the same on https://twitter.com/.

Tested on:

  • xwiki 8.4.6 and 9.11.4
    • uBlock 1.15
      • firefox 52.x ESR

how to fix it

Set uBlock to Off is not enough then uBlock must be deactivated or removed.
No issues with Firefox version 58.0.2 or 59 + uBlock


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