How to restore previous page versions

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2020/01/28

Question How to restore previous page versions

After you have accessed the document history of your page (see ViewHistory), choose the version of the page you wish to restore. Then click on "edit this page". That version of the page will be displayed in the editing interface and you can then save it as the current version.

Well, my first answer was a little too optimistic. I will edit this conversation later. 

ludovic says: currently you should:

add ?rev=1.xx&xpage=code to the view URL to get the code of a previous version

copy-paste the code..

switch to edit mode

paste the code instead of the current code


Carolyn says: ?rev=1.xx&xpage=code - are the x's variables

ludovic says: xx the version

ludovic says: that shows up in the history page

Carolyn says: k, thanks

ludovic says:

ludovic says: version 1.81

ludovic says:

ludovic says: ludovic says: for the code of version 1.81


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