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1 ==Power, today, comes from sharing information, not withholding it. (Keith Ferrazzi)==
3 Inspired by this, the XWiki community along with several other Open Source projects would like to organize a developer room to explore the theme of "Collaboration Software and Collaborative Uses of Open Source Software”, at FOSDEM 2020.
4 Considering last year's devroom success, with most talks having the room fully packed and never less than half full, we estimate that the session will be well attended and appreciated.
6 ===This room is backed up by the following projects (in alphabetical order):===
8 * Cryptpad - represented by Ludovic Dubost
9 * Nextcloud - represented by Jos Poortvliet
10 * Tiki - represented by Jean-Marc Libs
11 * XWiki - represented by Clément Aubin
13 ===Why does it fit FOSDEM?===
15 * Free Software contributors are given an opportunity to understand and participate to collaborative software projects
16 * The challenges can be explained to a very technical audience able to provide suggestions and ideas
17 * Projects sharing common goals would get an opportunity to meet and start collaborating
20 ==Talks and presentations==
22 Talks performed in this room could deal with the specifics of a project in term of ecosystem (plug-ins, extensions, connectors, …), in term of distribution (i.e.: how the application is distributed to be used by most people) or explain how the project responds to use cases related to the theme of the room. Here is a list of potential subjects that could be used:
23 * New projects presentation
24 * Self-hosted platforms
25 * Secure collaboration
26 * Collaborative applications
27 * Connectors & Integrations
28 * Knowledge management techniques
29 * Protocols for collaboration
30 * …
32 ==CFP process==
34 If this developer room proposal gets accepted, we will be using the following process for our call for participation:
35 * //**Before October 5th**:// A page will be created on allowing anyone to register to the developer room;
36 * //**December 9th, 23.59 UTC**:// End of the call for participation, to leave 5 days to review the calls for participation and prepare the schedule of the room;
37 * //**December 10th to December 15th**:// Projects backing up the developer room get to agree on a schedule;
38 * //**December 15th (or before, if time allows)**:// the full schedule of the room is published.
41 ==Special requirements:==
43 Last year devroom (UD2.119) fitted the crowd quite nicely but we had to refuse people because the room was full on multiple occasions. A bigger room would resolve that problem. Even more, due to a high volume of submissions and limited time, we had to turn down talks & presentations. This could be easily solved with more time reserved.
44 Our preference is for 6 hours or a full day, on Saturday.
46 Please do not hesitate to get back to us if you need more information regarding our application.

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