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3 3  {{info}}If you're interested to add your own testimonial, please register and edit the page or add a testimonial as a comment. You can also blog about it, tweet it, etc. This is one of the ways to [[contribute>>dev:Community.Contributing]] to the XWiki project.{{/info}}
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5 -* 28 January 2016, from Finstern-Atos on [[IRC>>http://dev.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/IRC/xwikiArchive20160128]]:(((
6 -> I thank you too for developping this awesome application, it's the best out there, I think it really/
7 -
8 -> I developed a Knowledge Base that evolved as an all in one tool for my administration team. For this project, I checked with a lot of solution but they were either too expensive or needed way too much development expertise for me.
9 - Xwiki let me create the perfect tool for my team, perfectly answering my need with it's awesome flexibility, integrated features, and plugin.
10 -I would really like to thank the team for this awesome software, the documentation avaiable, and the dedication and patience they offered me.
11 - My project was a success thank to them.
12 -)))
13 -
14 14  * 19 January 2016, from Mike Hoolehan, CTO @[[vCalc LLC>>http://www.vcalc.com]]:(((
15 15  > We've built a major part of our application around XWiki, and throughtout the process we've been pleased and impressed with the power and flexibility XWiki has provided.
16 16  > Everything we've wanted to build with our wiki-based product been possible due to XWiki's well planned architecture. Congrats and thanks to the XWiki team.

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