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4 4  If you're interested to add your own testimonial, please register and edit the page or add a testimonial as a comment. You can also blog about it, tweet it, etc. This is one of the ways to [[contribute>>dev:Community.Contributing]] to the XWiki project.
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7 +* 25th February 2018, from Didier Lüthi on [[Facebook>>]]:(((
8 +> Installé en 10 minutes avec Docker, fonctionne à merveille. XWiki est mature, évolutif et surtout disponible en OpenSource! L'essayer c'est l'adopter :-)
9 +)))
10 +* 20th February 2018, from Andrea Russo on IRC/Matrix:(((
11 +> I hope to release the terraform code too, I would love to see XWiki growing as a platform
12 +> I really appreciate your work guys
13 +> My secret dream is to build on top of XWiki but replacing Java and velocity as much as possible with Clojure :-)
14 +)))
7 7  * 29th September 2017, from Ira Levin (while filling the feedback form):(((
8 8  > Just want to say that the XWiki website is excellent and contains all the information one would need to get started. To me, XWiki is the best open source wiki engine I've come across. Thanks very much to the XWiki team for putting this together and making it available!
9 9  )))

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