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1 is a fully-featured [[software forge>>||__blank]], dedicated to host projects that relates to wikis.
3 = Active Projects =
5 Hereunder is the full list of active Top Level Projects of the XWiki Forge:
7 |=Project Name|=What is it?
8 |[[XWiki Enterprise>>enterprise:Main.WebHome]]|A [[fully-featured>>enterprise:Main.Features]] wiki for the Enterprise. It's also a [[second generation wiki>>SecondGenerationWiki]] offering the ability to install and develop small applications inside wiki pages.
9 |[[XWiki Enterprise Manager>>manager:Main.WebHome]]|An application to manage a farm of XWiki Enteprise instances, allowing large-scale organization and massive scalability.
10 |[[XWiki Platform>>platform:Main.WebHome]]|The generic wiki platform offering runtime services for applications built on top of it.
11 |[[XWiki Eclipse>>xeclipse:Main.WebHome]]|Desktop application targeted to developers for productivity/offline editing of XWiki pages
12 |[[XWiki Office>>xoffice:Main.WebHome]]|An add-in to edit XWiki pages from MS Word
13 |[[XWiki Rendering>>rendering:Main.WebHome]]|A generic Rendering system that converts textual input in a given syntax (wiki syntax, HTML, etc) into another syntax (XHTML, etc).
14 |[[XWiki Commons>>commons:Main.WebHome]]|Technical Java libraries that can be reused outside of the XWiki Ecosystem.
15 |[[Contrib>>contrib:Main.WebHome]]|An umbrella project under which external contributions (such as macros, applications, and more) can be added (no need to be an XWiki Committer to create a new project there).
16 |[[Curriki>>]]|Open Source Curriculum Sharing and Editing based on the XWiki Platform. Curriki is an XWiki Contrib project.
18 = Retired Projects =
20 |=Project Name|=What was it?
21 |[[XWiki Workspaces>>]]|A powerful yet easy to use collaboration solution, organized around the concept of spaces and their applications.
22 |[[XWiki Chronopolys>>extensions:Extension.Chronopolys]]|Project management application for managing portfolio of projects
23 |[[XWiki Watch>>extensions:Extension.XWiki Watch]]|A social RSS reader allowing groups to collaboratively follow information news and filter it.
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26 // [[Egyptian metal workers>>]] - GNU Free Documentation //

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