Notifications Redesign

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2021/04/06

The start of a Notifications re-architecture has been started in order to improve performances. The current implementation is computing changes for a given user on the fly, when asked. This has the advantage of being very light to save new events but the computation is cost when displaying notifications (even though there's a cache). It doesn't scale well when there are a lot of events and users. Thus we've started a redesign where we compute and store the notifications for each user, when a new event is triggered.

To enable the new feature, edit your file and set the notifications.eventPreFilteringEnabled property to true.

This feature is currently EXPERIMENTAL and should not be tried in production.

#-# [Since 12.1] [Experimental]
#-# Enabling this option will make user notifications be filtered and stored when the event is generated
#-# instead of filtered each time they are displayed.
#-# The default is :
# notifications.eventPreFilteringEnabled = false

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