Split Office Content into Nested Pages

Last modified by Marius Dumitru Florea on 2023/01/04

The Office Importer Application has been improved to generate (by default) non-terminal (nested) pages when the "Split document" option is selected, if the target wiki page is also non-terminal. The following strategy was implemented:

  • if the target wiki page is terminal then the "child" pages created by the split operation are also terminal
  • if the target wiki page is nested (non-terminal) then:
    • the "child" pages are also nested, if the current user is simple
    • advanced users have a checkbox to control whether the "child" pages are terminal or not, but by default they are not

Besides this, we also did a couple of small improvements to the office import form to:

  • filter office files based on media type (when browsing the local file system)
  • improve existing field labels and hints, adding missing hints
  • hide UI elements that are not relevant for the office import operation
  • perform the office import asynchronously and redirect the user directly to the imported page after a successful import operation

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