Wiki Links with Auto-Generated Label in CKEditor

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2021/04/06

We upgraded CKEditor Integration to the latest version which brings support for creating wiki links with auto-generated label. The XWiki Rendering supports these type of links since a long time. They look like this in wiki syntax:


As you can see the link label is missing and so it is generated automatically when the page is rendered. The way the labels are generated can be configured. The new version of CKEditor Integration adds support for creating such links, but it's not enabled by default. You can enable it using the following in the Advanced configuration:

config['xwiki-link'] = config['xwiki-link'] || {};
config['xwiki-link'].autoGenerateLabels = true;

The reason we disabled this feature by default in CKEditor is because XWiki uses the page name (not the page title) for auto-generated link labels by default at the moment, which can confuse the users because we display the page title in the page tree and in the page suggest. But if you change the way the link labels are generated then you may want to enable this feature.


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