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23 23  #error("IMPORTANT: XWiki 1.0 RC 2 fixes an important security issue in past releases where passwords were stored in clear in the database. Passwords are now hashed. If you are upgrading from a previous version, any new user or any password update will automatically get the password hashed. However existing users who do not change their passwords will still have their passwords in clear in the database. Thus, we are providing {attach:a tool to automatically hash all passwords from an existing database|document=Main.ReleaseNotesXWiki10RC2|file=CryptPasswords.xar}. Start by backuping your wiki by doing an export or backuping your database. Then import that XAR into your wiki (be sure to be logged as an Admin) and then go to the Admin.CryptPasswords and follow the instructions there.")
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25 -See the [full list of changes>].
25 +See the [full list of changes>].
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27 27  1.1 Known issues
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29 -* [Bugs we know about>]
29 +* [Bugs we know about>]
30 30  * Backlinks are used to find all the links to rename when renaming a page. However backlinks are saved when a page is saved thus it may happen that you don't have all backlinks generated with a clean XWiki database. In this special case, you can call the following in a page to refresh all links (you'll need to be admin to do this):
31 31  {code}
32 32  $xwiki.refreshLinks()

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