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7 7  This release adds important changes and improvements for Extension Manager, Solr Search, Watchlist, a new experimental Flavors mechanism and a Debug mode for performance analysis.
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9 +{{error}}
10 +This release introduces a bug concerning the upgrade of the subwikis ([[XWIKI-12208>>http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/XWIKI-12208]]). You can still upgrade them via Distribution Wizard but only in the same time you upgrade the main wiki.
11 +
12 +The best is to wait for the release of 7.1.1 which will fix this problem and should be ready really soon.
13 +{{/error}}
14 +
9 9  Extension Manager provides a summary for the extension diff view in order to ease the navigation of the local code changes. A new Extension History section has also been added, offering support for selective export, import and replay of extension-related history records.
10 10  
11 11  Solr Search UI is improved by making it responsive on small screens. The users can now sort, paginate and filter the search results without a page reload.

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